Friday, July 1, 2011

Launching Chevrolet Captiva in Lombok Indonesia

Launching Chevrolet Captiva  in Lombok Indonesia 

Coinciding with the anniversary of 100 years of Chevrolet, GM PT Indonesia (GMI) has launched andalannnya New Chevrolet Captiva products are made ​​by packing Captiva Anniversary Expedition themed event at the Sheraton Hotel, Lombok, Mataram, last night (seventh). Although the look of a sports utility vehicle (SUV) is still similar to previous models, does not mean there is no change of.

On the exterior there are 9 parts from front to back, while the interior at least 6 parts, plus many features that are not owned by any other SUV. Chevrolet logo is larger and thicker signifies the celebration of 100 years of Chevrolet.

"New Chevrolet Captiva has a new look with better performance and more advanced technology," said President Director of the new GMI Marcos A. Purty in a release. Captiva, he said, has been successful in the SUV segment thanks to the sophistication, luxury, design and handling. As the first automotive company to introduce an SUV in 1976 and then, he believes New Captiva can be more successful.

Lombok chosen as the location for the launch of the Captiva procession "facelift" is, according to Debora Amelia Santoso, Director of Marketing and Promotion GMI, "We are in Lombok is upon the recommendation of friends (journalists) as well. Do Bali only, try somewhere else," said Amelia.

Besides Marcos, Cheong Chee Sing, Network Business Development Director, GMI also believe this new Captiva sales could be better than ever. Although not mentioning exact figures, he believes thousands of units can be achieved.

When confirmed to Amelia about sales targets, he also did not give figures. "The dealers have not seen the new Captiva. Later, after the ceremony, they gather and where we can get the numbers," said Amelia.

Included is also about the price, Sing still silent. However, Amelia gave estimates of between Rp330 to Rp340 million.

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