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2010 Nissan Grand Livina Review

2010 Nissan Grand Livina Review

PT Nissan Motor Indonesia (NMI) as the agent licensee (APM) Nissan in Indonesia recognize a case of mistaken fuel indicator in the Nissan Grand Livina in Indonesia is still frequently occur. This case has happened since the car was launched in Indonesia in 2007 and then, but the numbers have been reduced so far delivered by the Deputy Marketing Director of PT NMI on April 18, 2011.

Only, Teddy pleaded not remember the exact number of cars Nissan Livina who experience such problems. "Certainly thousands, sorry I do not remember exactly. But now much reduced, "he said.
Although still repeated, Teddy insisted, there should be no withdrawal or a massive campaign for improvements. The reason, the problem does not jeopardize safety. In addition, symptoms of a problem it's very easy to recognize.

During this time, car owners who make complaints directly problematic vehicle to a dealer or even directly to the PT NMI. Generally, they claim the fuel tank when fully charged according to capacity, the indicator does not indicate the fuel is fully charged.
And vice-versa. In fact, some owners claimed the content of the fuel indicator showed half despite a new car car runs 10-20 kilometers. "In fact, the new tank is fully charged," said Teddy.

PT NMI immediately replace a problem when the owner filed a complaint. "Of course, after we verify the car is concerned. Thereafter, no more problems, "said Teddy.

Based on the results of the investigation Nissan Indonesia, the problem is not due to technical factors but due to mechanical factors due to environmental conditions. Hot temperatures, some chemicals suspected as the source of the problem.

As reported on Friday (15 / 4), the Circular Tan Chong Motor (ETCM), Agent licensee Nissan in Malaysia, the campaign attracted 32,100 units of repair or Nissan Grand Livina because the fuel indicator problem. At the same time also interesting ETCM 9300 units of Nissan Latio and Nissan Latio Sport with the same reason.

all cars that pulled it manufactured in Malaysia. "Nissan Grand Livina is drawn is a model produced in December 2007 - June 2010. As for Latio and Latio Sport is made in May 2007 - June 2010, "the statement said.

Dato Ang Bon Beng, Executive Director ETCM, said the results of investigations carried out it shows a problem that occurs because of the electrochemical transfer of substances on the resistor card in the fuel lines. Displacement that occurs among other substances caused by environmental factors, as well as variations in fuel.

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